Lestraction "Rear Weights"


from 1900kg to 2500 kg

rear mass easily adjustable ballast easy

LESTRACTION, rear modular weight of traction for STRONG POWERS.

In STEEL, completely WELDED.

Lestagri details working farm masses


  • Modular from 1900 kg to 2500 kg, thanks to the additional modules of 300 kg (x2).

  • Coupling with all brands and all types of tractors.

  • Replace weights of wheels.

  • Reduces tyre wear.

  • Increases productivity.

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scalable masses without easy effort easy without tools

With LESTRACTION, enhanced grip with FACILITY.

rear masses practical easy use


  • Coupling tools and tractors in CAT2, CAT3 and CAT4.

  • Allows all types of tool to be drawn : carried, semi-carried and drawn, with or without power drive output.

  • Very good visibility of the working tool, thanks to the density of the material.

  • Supplied complete, ready for use, in the color of the tractor.

*Option : drawbar and universal joint adjustable in height, for drawn tools using the power drive output.
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innovative modular accessory farm tractor
rear mass counterweight agricultural tractor
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from 600 kg to 1500 kg

Available soon