The steel weights

Steel weights

from 250 to 2000 kg and more ...

montage masse sécurité attelage évolutive

Our basic weights

sale accessories tractors work fields weight 250kg
Weight 250Kg
Réf: MB250A
quality steel masses made in France 400kg
Weight 400Kg
Réf: MB400A

Particularity of the monobloc masses 250 kg and 400 kg

Two monobloc massesadaptable to vineyard and fruit tractors at the front or at the rear in cat.1 and have a double coupling in cat. 3/2 for standard tractors.

Our evolving references

new ballast strorage 2in1 innovation exclusive
Modular weight 500Kg
(with tool box)
Réf: MBE500A
excellent value for money safe accommodation 300kg
secure latching mass locking system 1200kg
Module 300 kg = 800 kg
Réf: MD300B
agricultural mass innovation two in one 1100kg
Module 600 kg = 1100 kg
Réf: MD600B

Mass of 500 kg scalable to 800 kg and 1100 kg withtool box integrated of 125 L. Ideal for storing tools, grease guns, cans, accessories, etc.

With security locking system, possibility of adding a padlock.

one-piece mass easy interlocking good visibility 600kg
Weight 600Kg
Réf: MBE600A
adaptation 400kg ballast complementary module
steel mass quality longevity successful concept 1000kg
Module 400 kg = 1000 kg
Réf: MD400B
harmony mass tractor bodywork accessory 900kg
Weight 900Kg
Réf: MBE900A
excellent value for money, safe adaptation 300kg
security quality flexibility adaptable 1200kg
Module 300 kg = 1200 kg
Réf: MD300B
	innovative module weighting farm machinery 1500kg
Module 600 kg = 1500 kg
Réf: MD600B
farm machinery well tensioned pull chain 1200kg
Weight 1200Kg
Réf: MBE1200A
design respecting line tractors 300kg
rotules CAT 3.2 provided
Module 300 kg = 1500 kg
Réf: MD300B
hitching screed interlocking easy 2000kg
Module 600 kg = 1800 kg
Réf: MD600B
from 1200 kilos two heights hitch
Weight 1400Kg
Réf: MBE1400A
module 300 600 kilos guiding backstop
bar support for hitch without push bar
Module 300 kg = 1700 kg
Réf: MD300B
three-point stem mounted in tenon-motole
Module 600 kg = 2000 kg
Réf: MD600B


of a successfull concept

axle pin 3 points provided weights masses
  • Securitary:
    • Axis in clevis (Balls Cat 3-2 joint) + towing hook.
    • Adaptation of Bumper.
  • Modular:
    • Adaptation of 300 kg, 400 kg and 600 kg additional moduls, even with bumper and push bar.
  • Modularity:
    • In reverse with the tractor, for better visibility.
    • Very easy, thanks to the flat part of nesting of 25 cm.
  • Comfortable:
    • With grab bar, coupling without push bar, and without leaving the seat, including the additional modules.
    • Bumper fold-down and removable with comfort and without tools, depending on use.
  • Compact:
    • From the center of the coupling balls, the offset is reduced thanks to the density of the raw materials.


    PACK 1500 kg (900 + 600) = 400 mm
    PACK 1800 kg (1200 + 600) = 470 mm
  • Aesthetics:
    • Perfect harmony with the new tractors design.
    black tractors mc cormick valtra deutzfahr

    Black colour for Case IH / DeutzFahr / JCB / Lamb / Land / MF / Mc Cormick / Valtra / NH etc.

    green masses john deere solutions weighting

    Green for John Deere

    gray masses tractors class fendt kubota valtra

    Grey for Class / Fendt / Kubota / MF / Valtra etc.

  • Excellent value:
    • French manufacturing
    label mark lestagri french manufacture ballast counterweight agricultural


Grab bar for quick coupling

accessory bar support hitching hooks
option weights bar support adaptable breeders
accessory bar support hitching hooks
option weights bar support adaptable breeders
All LESTAGRI weights can optionally receive an adaptable grab bar, very easily, to avoid the attachment of the 3rd point.

(Request of breeders for fast rear hitch without getting off the tractor, in compensation of the loader).
Compatible with Bumper and additional module.


bumper bumper open road safety
bumper accessory mass tractor compulsory
bumper lestagri accessory ballast safe mass
accessory road bumper tractors protection
quick rear coupling mass without lowering the tractor
Compatbile road safety accessory with weight Lestagri from 600 kg to 2000 kg

Has two positions : open for road use, and closed for use in the fields.
Foldable on each side, laterally, according to needs and work.
Adjustable without tools and without physical effort (foldable and removable without tools).

Particularity of the weights 250 Kg and 400 Kg

additional mass lestagri tractor weight
tool vine growers rear mass tractor vine
tool vine growers rear mass tractor vine
additional mass lestagri tractor weight
Adaptable to vineyard tractors and fruit tractors, front or rear, CAT 1 and has a double hitch CAT 3 and CAT 2, for standard tractors.

Adaptation interface on John Deere mass

John Deere tractor accessory mass adaptation
John Deere tractor accessory mass adaptation
John Deere tractor accessory mass adaptation
John Deere tractor accessory mass adaptation
Allows to adapt a LESTAGRI weight to an original John Deere weight carrier.Steel accessory equipped with automatic coupling hooks.

6 weights are possible: 500 kg* / 600 kg / 800 kg* / 900 kg / 1000 kg / 1200 kg. (* with integrated 125 L box)

3 adaptation possibilities:

  • By suspending the counterweight;
  • Using handling forks;
  • Without getting off the tractor, by deactivating the suspension.

The user adapts or removes the counterweights with ease and without physical effort.

Our priorities