specialist agricultural mass steel ballast front back

Safety accessory for the road, compatible on steel weights LESTAGRI

safety protection masses lestagri tractors
  • Choice

    from 600 kg to 2000 kg

  • 2 Positions

    Opened, for all road use + closed for use in the fields.

  • Adjustable

    In width, according to the size of the tractor, and in height by the lifting system.

  • Comfort

    Adjustable without tools and without physical efforts (foldable and removable without tools).

  • Compact

    Foldable on each side, laterally, depending on needs and work.

  • Compatible

    With additional weights. Possibility of adjusting the weight of the bumper with the equipment.

  • Full

    One model, delivered with reflective LED light, clearance sight and LED clearance lights.

  • Aesthetics

    In harmony and in the tint of the tractor.

  • Road Use

    For the safety of users.

    mandatory road safety tractor bumper
    range bumpers masses all tractors
    bumper accessory agricultural machine on road
    protection road work fields easy
  • Use at work

    For maximum visibility and maneuverability.

    visibility bumpers retractable safety easily
    bumper lestagri easy set up European standard
    compliance with European standard road safety
    lestagri french brand european standards
  • Adjustable in road position and in working position

    In a few seconds: it is folding, adjustable, without tool and without physical efforts.

    functional adjustable masses

    Take out the 2 spindles and remove the push bar. And, tidy up in the spaces provided.

    bumper collapsible easy retractable

    Unlock and bend the external light, then lock.

    practical use protection road bumper

    Unscrew 2 thread rings, to make slide the bumper to obtain least congestion.

    practical use farm protected mass on road

    Result : fold quickly, without efforts and without tools !

A weight positioned at the front of a tractor that travels more than 40 km / h, or even 60 km / h, must be compact and reliable, and provide exemplary safety for road users.
The adaptation of the Bumper meets these requirements.

tractor on road protection safety accident
speed tractor road safety bumper
speed protection agricultural machinery tailor-made
  • Road safety and aesthetics
  • Visibility and maneuverability in the fields
  • Modularity possible on 2 positions